AVEVA Insight

Welcome to the Insight Video Implementation Guide!

To augment your Insight trial experience, we’ve organized a library of content that will guide you step by step through a successful implementation. Each section below builds on the previous content and contains short videos which show you how to do everything – from connecting to PLC data, to setting up mobile alerts on your phone.

If you find that you need any help along the way, submit the form at the bottom of the page and someone will contact you accordingly.

Let’s get started! Expand the content under “Start Here” to view your first video.

Step 1: Start Here

  • InSight in 5 Minutes

  • Video Overview of the Insight Demo System

Step 2: Connect to Data Sources

  • Connect to an InTouch HMI application

  • Connect to a Historian

  • Connect to a DA Server or Operations Integration (OI) Server

  • Connect to a CSV File

Step 3: Get to Know the Interface

  • Use the search feature

Step 4: Create Content and Dashboards

  • Create dashboards

  • Add content

  • Save content

Step 5: Access Data on the Go

  • SmartGlance

Bonus Videos

Integration with Other Products

  • Dream Report

  • Microsoft Excel

Advanced Topics

  • Security 101

  • Security 102

  • OEM White Label

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