InTouch Edge HMI

HMI and IoT Edge solution for OEMs and End Users

About InTouch Edge HMI

InTouch Edge HMI (previously InTouch Machine Edition) is a customizable HMI designed specifically for the embedded and OEM applications where a small footprint and cost effective price are paramount. The compact footprint and full feature set enable OEMs, machine builders and end users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for any industry.

Easy to use integrated development environment with comprehensive features and runtime editions for IoT Edge solutions (IoTView), Compact HMIs (CEView), Full Featured HMIs (EmbeddedView), and SCADA systems (Full Runtime).
Increase competitiveness and minimize costs through portability, mobility, and interoperability in a cost-efficient solution.

InTouch Edge HMI Enhances the Intelligence of Embedded Devices

OEMs, machine builders, discrete manufacturers and end users can convert autonomous standalone machines by integrating and exposing machine data seamlessly to supervisory HMI and historical archive systems. This provides a broader understanding of the entire operation. No longer isolated, these scattered devices become integral to the overall automation system, even across multiple locations.

InTouch Edge HMI and System Platform Integration Enables IIoT Solutions

As the Internet of Things gains more traction, the number of embedded devices used for M2M data exchange will increase. Demand for machine functionality will also rise sharply, including demand for inter-device interoperability, the ability to exchange data with cloud-based systems, and the need for user-friendly remote configuration and maintenance.

Unlock and harness the machine data from your embedded devices by installing InTouch Edge HMI directly on your devices and expose it via your existing System Platform or archive it in a cloud-based historian using AVEVA InSight (previously Wonderware Online Insight). Enjoy limitless scalability.

InTouch Edge HMI Features

Unique software capabilities make it easy and cost effective for you to use InTouch Edge HMI to build smarter end-to-end automation systems.

Platform Agnostic HMI/SCADA Software

Develop your InTouch Edge HMI application, and use built-in capabilities to deploy your application anywhere.

Deploy on embedded and small-footprint IoT devices, with core runtime editions that run on devices using Windows Embedded, Linux, and VxWorks, or deploy to devices, laptops, or PCs using any currently supported version of Microsoft Windows.

InTouch Edge HMI Industry Solutions Make Development as Easy as a Few Clicks

If you are developing applications for Andon solutions, Business Intelligence, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), or PackML, InTouch Edge HMI templates drastically reduce development time. Use it to customize, configure, and get your machines running quickly.

Over 250 Native Communication Protocols

InTouch Edge HMI offers more than 250 native drivers that allow seamless communication between your HMI/SCADA and every major manufacturer of PLC and controller. Use widely accepted standards like SNMP and MQTT, or use our driver toolkit API to develop your own. Combine the native drivers with support for OPC UA and OPC .NET, and OPC DA and HDA for unparalleled communication options.

Automatically convert FactoryTalk™ ME/SE, PanelMate™ and PanelBuilder™ projects

Conversion tools slash development times for users looking to migrate from existing third party HMIs to InTouch Edge HMI. It’s possible to save up to 90 percent development time during the conversion process while protecting prior engineering investments.

HTML5 Web Client Makes Publishing to the Web Simple

The HTML5 web client (Studio Mobile Access) makes it easy to deploy your application with read/write access to any device with a browser that supports HTML5, including smartphones and tablets.

The web client supports all native objects, and can be configured for more secure web deployments of your HMI/SCADA applications.

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