What’s New in Wonderware InTouch 2017

The new InTouch does more than ever to simplify design, increase efficiency, increase operator awareness and effectiveness, all while improving usability!

What’s New with Wonderware InTouch

New in InTouch 2017:

  • Runtime Pan and Zoom

  • Enhanced Scripting

  • Redesigned Events and Alarms Control (EAC)

  • Improved Engineering Usability

  • Application Templates for faster project startup

  • Window Templates for faster development

  • New Frame type windows

  • Ability to run as a Service

  • Improved Remote Access Usability

  • Improved Security for Remote Web Browser Based Access

  • New Activation Based Licensing

  • Centralized License Management Capabilities

Runtime Pan and Zoom

HMI runtime Pan and Zoom provides a simple, intuitive way to interact with your visualization applications in a modern, multi-touch hardware environment. Pan and Zoom can also be enjoyed using a keyboard and mouse in addition to a multi-touch interface.

Zoom level is accessible programmatically enabling powerful use such as application clutter/de-clutter and more.

New InTouch Script Editor

A new editor helps significantly boost your engineering productivity.

  • Auto-Complete functionality anticipates the engineer’s next move and provides a list of context-sensitive, intelligent choices

  • Color coding helps more easily identify the different elements of a script: Keywords, comments, functions, references, etc.

  • Syntax highlighting helps easily spot syntax errors

  • Line numbering helps to more easily navigate your script

Redesigned Events and Alarms Control

The Events and Alarms Control (EAC) has been redesigned for improved processor performance and its filter and sorting capabilities have been extended to provide more flexibility.

Application Templates

Application Templates, another great productivity tool, allow users to start the design of a new HMI application from a base template rather than starting from scratch, ultimately saving hours and hours of engineering. Application Templates can be as simple or as rich as the user desires. System Integrators can reuse their engineering in multiple projects, OEMs can deliver base applications to their end users, and new users can get started quicker.

Application Templates can be selected via a template browser, which provides thumbnail previews of the templates. Users can organize Application Templates in a folder structure of their choice—by resolution, by industry, by customer, by engineering team, etc.

Users can make their own Application Templates or select from those which are available out-of-the-box.

Window Templates

To save time and improve engineering productivity, InTouch windows can now be defined as templates upon which new windows can be created. These templates then inherit the same properties, content and scripts as the original window.

'Frame' Type Windows

A new type of InTouch window allows hosting a single simple or complex ArchestrA graphic to fully leverage the power behind the ArchestrA Graphics and the vector-based technology—including, for example, the ability to pan and zoom.

Design Applications for a Target Resolution

In a world where more devices of diverse form factors abound, users often need to design applications of uncommon sizes or design an application for displays the designer has no access to. InTouch now allows users to design applications in a target resolution different than that of the development machine.

Even More InTouch Features

Discover your possibilities by understanding the capabilities of the world’s best HMI software.

Ability to Run InTouch as a Service (faceless)

InTouch 2017 has the ability to run as a GUI-less service, allowing it to be used as a tag server for customers using said architecture.

Script and Control DLL import for InTouch Modern Applications

InTouch 2017 allows importing of .NET Script and Control DLLs in Modern InTouch applications.

OPC UA Connectivity

Out-of-the-box support for OPC UA.

Access from Any Device. Anywhere, Any Time.

InTouch Access Anywhere 2017, an add-on for InTouch, continues to empower casual and mobile users by providing reliable and remote browser-based access to InTouch applications from any device. Anywhere, any time.

This release of InTouch Access Anywhere introduces:

  • Cyber Security enhancements to the Secure Gateway.

  • New cyber security related settings are secure by default.

  • A new streamlined start page for a better user experience provides easier access to all settings.

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