AVEVA Insight

Get connected with your production data anywhere, anytime and on any device

Insight is a secure, cost-effective industrial cloud platform. It provides data storage, visualization, and reporting to give you comprehensive access to your real-time operations data.

In Industrial Cybersecurity, Trust is Critical

The world of industrial manufacturing is rapidly evolving, as the data available through smart devices, sensors and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) explodes.

Industrial organizations across multiple sectors are taking advantage of these capabilities to unlock valuable insights within their data. Unfortunately, hackers are evolving as well, so industrial cybersecurity is critical.

How is Insight used?

  • NEW! Monitor performance through manufacturing equipment and production event data collection, storage, monitoring, and analysis

  • Augment existing sensors, IIoT devices and automation systems to make data accessible

  • Monitor remote and/or unmanned assets with alerts and visualization tools

  • Gain immediate access to personalized, relevant performance data

  • Visualize process data over time

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