Customer FIRST Support

Our Commitment to Your Success

Customer FIRST is the foundation of your service and support relationship with Wonderware Midwest and Wonderware by Schneider Electric. Flexible options provide you with the tools and resources to realize the greatest value from your Wonderware investment, such as:

  • Improved Operational Performance

  • Critical Investment Protection

  • Maximized Asset Performance

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


Technical Support Services

Access to Wonderware Global Customer Support (GCS) Site
  • Manage your profile and subscribe to specific updates, or browse any of the following software-related news:

    • Helpful Tech Notes, Tech Alerts, and FAQs – search a variety of topics by product and date

    • Wonderware Technical Support Forums, Wonderware Developer Network, and Forum Archive via the Wonderware Community

    • Product downloads, patches, and updates in the Product Hub

    • Report views such as the Product Compatibility Matrix

    • Videos on Technical Support Topics, Success Stories, and pre-recorded Webinars

To sign up, visit

Customer FIRST Benefits App
  • A mobile smartphone/tablet application designed to help you understand your support and service entitlements and provide you with information to realize the full value of your Customer FIRST Support investment.

  • Supports both Android and iPhone devices

  • Includes:

    • Latest information & updates regarding Customer FIRST

    • Technical Support ID for accessing support

    • Real-time notifications of available software updates available for download via the GCS

    • Proactive alerts about availability of new services, technical support articles, and benefits you can immediately put to use

Access to Wonderware Online Training Webinars
  • Watch on-demand feature specific recorded lectures and software demonstrations

  • Visit the training web page and look for the following designation:


25% Discount on One (1) Wonderware Midwest Training Class per Agreement Year

Attend a Wonderware Midwest training course throughout the contract term and receive 25% off your enrollment. Learn more about available courses, recommended learning paths, and delivery methods here.

10% Discount on Prepaid Consulting Services Block of 40 Hours

Leverage Wonderware Midwest resources to help manage complex migrations, optimize the performance of existing assets, and assist with new product deployment. Visit the Consulting Services page for more information.

WonderCare On-Site Technical Review

On-site technical review to examine the overall health and implementation of the Wonderware environment at a site. We look at log files, computer performance and architecture, and then make recommendations that will help improve performance and bring the systems into compliance with current best practices. Learn More

Normal Business Hours Technical Support
  • Wonderware Midwest is the local Wonderware Certified Support Provider (CSP) serving Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

  • Standard Customer FIRST agreement holders have access to Level 1 support, providing local expert technical assistance during normal business hours (Central Standard Time).

    • Hours of operation: Monday-Thursday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM and Friday, 7:30 AM-4:30 PM

    • Support phone number: 1-866-826-9725

  • Calls and voicemail are answered in the order in which they are received

Access to Level 2 Direct/Advanced Technical Support

Premium and Elite contract holders are entitled to contact Wonderware Corporate Level 2 direct/advanced support during business hours (Pacific Standard Time).

Emergency 24 Hour Technical Support
  • Emergency technical support is available outside of normal business hours to Premium and Elite Customer FIRST agreement holders for situations that involve loss or potential loss of an essential function; such as a production line, system, or plant downtime situation.

  • Emergency phone number: 1-949-639-8500

After-Hours Emergency Technical Support

This emergency support service is available to contract holders through Wonderware Midwest, and is billable at a rate of $370/hour. Call the regular support line (1-866-826-9725) and follow the prompts to reach the Technical Support Engineer on call.

Software Maintenance and Utilities

Software Version Upgrades & Revisions - Upon Request
  • Keep software and systems up-to-date with access to software version upgrades and revision releases. Version releases are the most significant software upgrade. They contain major new features and enhancements; whereas revision releases contain both software correction and minor enhancements.

  • Each time a new software version is released, you may request upgrades to your licenses by submitting a request to

  • Join the Customer FIRST mailing list to receive notifications of new version releases

Software Maintenance Releases, Services Packs, Patches, Updates & Hot Fixes

Maintenance releases provide corrections to software defects within a software revision level. Media will be made available upon release, in electronic or physical format as appropriate, during the coverage period of your program enrollment. Wonderware makes no guarantee that maintenance releases will become available during the agreement period. To download available media, log into the Global Customer Support (GCS) site and click on the Product Hub.

Software License Replacement

Software license replacements cost 80% of list price. Elite contract holders may request up to two (2) replacements per agreement period free of charge.

Optional Services

Wonderware Software Asset Manager 3.0
  • The latest version of automated software and license inventory and management, including functions for software update assessment, acquisition and deployment in a secured and private environment. It is designed to include the most current and cutting edge cyber-security practices, and is delivered as a non-intrusive, portable service that will not impact your systems’ performance or interrupt production.

  • SAM is included with Premium and Elite contracts, and is available for purchase to Standard contract holders.

Sentinel Proactive System Monitoring Application & Services

The Sentinel application monitors:

  • Wonderware Services and Object Attributes

  • ArchestrA Logs

  • Windows Event Logs

  • Computer Health Attributes

  • Windows Services

Upset conditions trigger alerts, allowing you to respond to an issue before an application error or downtime event occurs. Sentinel is an add-on benefit available for purchase by Premium and Elite contract holders.

Application Clone
  • Duplicate/mirror some or all online (production) system with off-line system for testing, simulation, or emergency backup

  • 50% Discount on Test & Offline Development System Licenses (Premium, Elite)

Consider Your Needs:

  • What does one hour of downtime cost your operation?

  • How quickly are you able to identify a system/software issue if an unexpected malfunction occurs?

  • Do you have the resources to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues?

  • Do you have experts in-house around the clock?

  • Do you find maintenance costs difficult to budget?

  • Is your team properly trained to maximize the use of your system?

  • How quickly do you require corrective assistance?

  • How secure are you against security threats?


Customer FIRST Support is fee-based and paid annually. License value is determined by the current published product cost, and enrollment or renewal pricing is determined by the total license value at the site. Mandatory upgrades to the current version are included upon enrollment. Any licenses not included in the list are subject to additional upgrade and support costs.

If purchases are made during the agreement period, those licenses are added to the agreement and pro-rated to the expiration date. If purchases are made through a third party, it is the responsibility of the site to add those licenses to support at the time of installation or renewal. Adding missing licenses to the agreement requires a version upgrade purchase and any applicable activation fees.

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