City of Kankakee

Wonderware Online InSight and SmartGlance provide efficient monitoring of remote lift stations

Kankakee, Illinois uses Wonderware SmartGlance and InSight to effectively monitor remote lift stations


  • Improve visibility to lift station activity
  • Establish system for proactive error recognition
  • Enhance worker productivity and response time


  • Stations spread over wide geographic area
  • Manual monitoring process
  • Spot checks time consuming and inefficient; especially during peak flow periods


  • Wonderware InTouch pushes lift station data directly to Wonderware Online InSight in live information feed
  • SmartGlance app offers employees visualization to performance data directly on their smartphones
  • WIN-911 triggers callout to designated team member during alarm situation. Team can pinpoint issue remotely using SmartGlance before arriving at the station